Project Week!

I have dubbed the last two weekends and the week between them “project week.”  With homesteading, home owning, and just in life, at any one moment it seems there are always at least 20 “projects” in the works.  Sometimes it seems as though we cannot spare a moment to pay any of these any attention, where at other times it seems we can tackle ten at once, out of nowhere.  A few weekends and some elbow grease can suddenly make that giant list at least a little bit shorter.  And it feels great to check projects off the project list.  In the last two weeks, one project was started, one made great progress and two need only finishing touches to be completed.

Last weekend, Logan got started on his seedling room in the basement.  The first step was framing in the room, which will take up about a quarter of the basement.  With the help of a friend, this took most of Saturday to accomplish.  The next day, Logan hung the rafters for the ceiling.  This past weekend, we picked up insulation for the walls.  The room will have to have good insulation as temperature control will be extremely important for our delicate seeds!  The insulation should be put up this week, along with running wires for the electric.  After the wires have been rung, our neighbor who is an electrician (and the former owner of this house) will hook up the electric.  Then we will have power!  There are a good many steps left in the seed room project, including dry walling and installing ventilation.  But all we can make from here on out is progress! 

While they worked on the basement last weekend, I spent the day painting that awful dark green bathroom.  With my jams blasting in my ear, it seemed I was done in no time.  Now with a lighter, “aloe” color of green and some doggie-obsessed decorations, our main bathroom actually feels like ours.  Each completed room makes this hippie homestead feel a little more like home.  A few more pictures hung on the wall and some towels racks, and this bathroom will be totally complete.  The plan is to dig sticks out of the woods to build our own natural towel racks.  Saving money and bringing in some nature, what could be better?  The builder of our other bathroom suggested installing a door where the washing machine used to be in this bathroom.  While not a bad idea, the addition of a door frame and a door sounded, to me, like an unnecessary expense.  A cheaper option was a curtain, or better yet, a childhood twin sheet with curtain rings attached to it.  Aside from purchasing the curtains rings and a tension rod, adding this “curtain” was completely free.  And, in my opinion, it is much more eye-catching than a door!

The builder finished his work on the bathroom addition last week.  We now have a functioning toilet and sink!  The sink was built from a “dry sink” I picked up at a local thrift/antique shop.  The builder added the bowl and faucet.  The built-in towels racks on the side of the dry sink turned out to be very convenient!  In another attempt to save money, we intend to try to tile the shower ourselves.  The tile we had picked out turned out to be beyond a homesteader’s budget, so this project is temporarily on hold until we can find something we like.  Our original plan was to dig river rocks out of some local streams and create a natural stone shower, but the builder strongly advised against this.  Regardless, putting up natural river stones will require waiting until some springtime warmth, when we can wade into some rivers and creeks to collect stones.  This project still requires some more brain-storming.  It also still needs a fresh coat of paint and another creative towel rack idea.

Since the builders finished their portion of the bathroom, we were also able to tackle the mess of a pantry we had last weekend.  A portion of the pantry was taken for the bathroom, so everything in this room was piled up and needed re-worked and organized.  The washing machine was also moved from our original bathroom to the pantry, so that took some space as well.  I took everything off of our existing shelves, cleaned them, and put everything back on in a more organized fashion.  This room houses a good deal of random things so organization is definitely key.  Now, our canning jars, gardening accessories, extra dishes, camping gear, alcohol (for when we need a break from all these projects!!), and many other things all have their own section of the pantry.  Logan built a shelf over the washing machine for detergent, etc.  Some extra shelving for kitchen accessories, and this pantry will also be complete!

After all of these fun and games were done being worked on last weekend, it was time to tackle a less glamorous project on the hippie homestead: DE-FLEAING.  Living on a homestead with animals like horses and goats means these pesky creatures are bound to be more prevalent…apparently even in the winter.  (Although it has hardly been winter until about two weeks ago…so this may explain our problem.)  Last Sunday night we started the process to attempt to de-flea naturally.  Last night, we went for a second round of attempting to de-flea, and it seemed like we may have actually made some headway with these little jerks.  If our attempts worked, I will write another post with details on the products and methods we used.

Until then… Happy Wednesday!

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