First post

We “closed” on our homestead on August 7, 2015.  That means that I am writing my first blog post for the Hippie Homestead exactly nine weeks and five days later than I wanted to (and actually posting it even later than that.)  My plan was to make our first post about closing on our home, so my “followers” (who do not exist) could follow along with our journey from the very beginning.  My boyfriend (now husband..married five days ago on October 10th!! Woohoo!), a computer programmer was going to have an awesome website all set up, with perfect SEO in place.  Yet, here I am, nine weeks and five days later, writing my first post for a website that still needs some work.  And about what?  Well, whatever I end up with at the end of these couple paragraphs.

As an OCD-laden perfectionist, writing this post nine weeks and five days late is certainly far from ideal.  But something I’ve learned in these last nine weeks and five days is that life just sort of happens.  You may as well not try so hard to plan all of it.  If I continued trying to plan this life or this blog, this first post would probably be written in nine YEARS. 

Life just happening is a lesson I should have probably learned years ago.  A girl just happened to tell Logan and I we liked each other when we truly didn’t six and a half years ago, Logan just happened to get a job in Winchester, VA that he was not qualified for, and a sign for this homestead just happened to be along the road as we were traveling home from our hometown several months ago.  The universe seems to have some great adventures planned for us.

The idea popped in to our heads to keep a blog about this new homesteading adventure.  As I write this first post, I have no idea where this blog will take us.  For now, it will start as a log of our adventure.  Our homesteading story infused with other things we love, like our dogs, cooking, decorating, friends and family, photography, music and mother nature.  I will have to accept the fact that each post will have to be sort of a random, hap-hazard mess.  As I said, I am a perfectionist and if I spend too much time planning posts, NOTHING will ever be posted.  That will also explain why some of the grammar and punctuation in this blog may be a little off at times.  Letting posts flow as I feel, rather than wasting time following the grammar “rules” I’ve been taught will not only make for a more efficient blog-writing approach, but a more enjoyable one (although, it is my belief anyway that the beauty of language is one person being able to convey a message and have someone else understand it, whether it includes the word “ain’t” or not.)

I will abruptly end this first post, before I ramble on any further.  Feel free to follow along on our semi-new journey.  Who knows what will happen with the Hippie Homestead.

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