A tale about our second "predators of the homestead" experience with a raccoon.

The crazy ramblings of a 25-year-old lost in this world and trying to find herself.

Here are a few tidbits everyone should know about guineas before they decide to adopt some of their own.

Our experience butchering our own animals (chickens) that we raised personally for the first time.

Our experiments of creating elm oyster mushroom beds with our brassica plants and deep mulching with straw in the garden.

Camping and hunting morel mushrooms in the forests of West Virginia.

What we have learned so far in our first two weeks of caring for 20 baby chicks ever!

Nearly 300 seeds are officially planted in their little soil blocks!

The Hippie Homestead is becoming a family affair!

Things are happening!

Winter is a time for limited work and lots of relaxation....or is it..?