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Homesteading, gardening, decorating, cooking, nature, photography, dogs, family, friends and who knows what else! If the interest strikes you, we'd love you to follow along.

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We are an open-minded couple trying to find peace through growing our own food and improving our little corner of the world. We are embracing our lives' adventure.

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We can talk about anything! Always welcoming new friends and conversations!

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Dissy the Belgian Draft Horse and her companion Freak the goat

Dissy and Freak

A blog post about a Belgian draft horse named Dissy and a goat named Freak that we accidentally inherited with the purchase of our home and making the difficult decision to give them away.

guineas, backyard guineas

Five Things About Guineas

Here are a few tidbits everyone should know about guineas before they decide to adopt some of their own.

writing, blogging, blogging from home, article writing, home office, writing station

A Rambling Blog About Blogs

The crazy ramblings of a 25-year-old lost in this world and trying to find herself.

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